The preferred method of transportation in Kansas City is the car. Traffic is relatively light and parking is easy to find. Also, the sprawling nature of the city’s suburbs usually makes public transportation inconvenient. There are several highways into and out of the city that make for easy travel into or out of the city. Car rental agencies abound, especially at the city airport, which offers at least half a dozen of them.  The airport has opened a consolidated Rental Car Complex near the old American Airlines maintenance facility. There is a regular shuttle between the airport and the facility, allow 5-10 minutes for the transfer. There are also about a dozen limousine services and twenty taxicab companies in the area, as well as airport shuttle services. Expect cab fare from the airport to downtown to be approximately $45.

Another way to get around the city for the more athletic is to use a bicycle. The city is implementing a Bike KC program which will add 600 miles of bicycle paths in the metropolitan area as well as bike racks on buses.

The public transportation services are fairly limited, though the city is installing a new bus system called MAX (Metro Area Express), which is designed to speed up commutes. Buses on MAX lines have the ability to prolong green lights in order to keep on schedule. Most public transportation, however, is designed to ease commute traffic and may not be too useful for visitors looking to explore the city. Evening and weekend hours are quite limited on most routes.  There are, however, two bus lines (the Chiefs Express and Royals Express) that specifically shuttle riders to sports games for reasonable prices. These buses typically start run two hours to 30 minutes before the game begins.