Biloxi, Mississippi is a Gulf city that greets travelers with an exciting mix of southern hospitality and  coastal entertainment. New orleans replaced Biloxi as the capital of the Lousiana Territory in the 19th century. Nevertheless, Biloxi rewards visitors with smaller crowds and greater shoreline activities than New Orleans. The Mardi Gras celebration and the nightlife in Biloxi also are comparable to New Orleans.

Early French and English settlers established a beach community along the Gulf of Mexico in the 18th Century. It quickly developed into a favored summer home for Southerners. Before the arrival of French and Spanish explorers, Biloxi was the dominion of Native American culture as early as 1200 BC. Since Americanization and black slavery took place, residents have molded Biloxi into a melting pot of traditions and entertainment.

Gaming became a major industry in 1999. The owners of the Mirage and Golden Nugget Casinos brought their Las Vegas expertise and planning to the Gulf Coast. Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina wrecked the coast in 2005. This closed or destroyed several of the casinos and tourist venues.

Locals report that Biloxi is, in fact, quickly rising from its ashes. In June 2006, many hotels and vacation destinations will resume partial and full operation. Biloxi is successfully entering the phase of restoration after a catastrophe. It will once again become a fleding shore resort and gaming coast on the Gulf of Mexico. It is still a playful city with gracious, hopeful hosts who cater to their visitors' needs.