Visitors to Minneapolis/St Paul frequently ask how much it will cost to take a taxi or limo to or from MSP airport.

As you are probably aware, the cost for your taxi or car service depends on the distance you must travel.  

Downtown Minneapolis and St Paul Fares

Downtown Minneapolis is approximately 12 miles from the airport and the distance to downtown St. Paul is approximately 8 miles

Taxi Service

Taxicab fares to downtown Minneapolis average from $37-$47.

Taxicab fares to downtown St Paul average from $29-$36.

 For estimated fares from other suburbs see: Rates to MSP from Twin Cities Suburbs.  For exact rates see the listing of flat rate websites below.

All taxi fares are metered at a rate between $2.50 per mile from the airport. (However the rate can vary from $2.40 to $2.75 if departing from a different location.)  The initial flagdrop fee is $2.50, and there is an airport access fee of $4.00 that is added to the final metered fare.  For taxi fare estimates and latest rates, try the Minneapolis Taxi Fare Finder.

Car (limo) Service

The cost for car service can vary greatly depending on the level of service requested.  To downtown Minneapolis you can expect to pay an average of $45-55 for sedan (town car) service and an average of $50-60 for SUV service. 

Most limo companies will give you a guaranteed rate ahead-of-time.  While most taxicab companies will use a meter and charge you based on the exact mileage, you can pre-negotiate a rate with most companies if you pre-arrange the ride.  MSP airport has a pre-arranged pick-up area next to the cab stand (see MSP Ground Transportation Map).

 Websites Offering Flat Rates

Below are a couple handy websites to help you calculate your exact fare or pre-arrange flat rate transportation:

Flat Rate Taxi & Limo Service Minneapolis | St Paul - Book flat rate taxis and limos

Limo Reservations -  Pre-arranged limo reservations

In the United States it is customery to tip a driver, generally 15-20%.