Toward the end of April is the annual Saint Michaels Food & Wine Festival . Besides sampling the delicious offerings, you can also meet and talk with local chefs, learn about the local products, listen to guest speakers, and take part in the auction.

The last weekend in July is Saint Michaels Crab Days Festival, held at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. At this celebration of the Chesapeake Bay blue crabs, indulge yourself with steamed crabs, crab cakes, crab soup, and much more. You can even participate by pulling up crab pots, chicken necking, and trot lining. Other events include live music, cooking demonstrations, boat rides, and plenty of kid’s activities.

Come again in November for Oyster Fest, similar to Crab Days, but with the obvious difference, including shucking, tonging, and nippering techniques.

Also at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is the Annual Boat Auction, held every year in early September. Guests can bid on everything from classic sailboats to modern cruisers to wooden rowing skiffs—usually for a fraction of the usual cost.