Easton, Maryland enjoys long, warm springs and summers and short, but sometimes quite cold, winters.  Summertime temperatures in Easton average in the mid to high 80's, which is great for participating in all of the outdoor activities the region offers, including boating and several other water sports.  But be aware that summers can be humid.  The mild spring and fall weather also allows for doing outdoor activities from April to November. 

Fall weather festivals are a popular time to visit Easton especially for the annual Waterfowl Festival in November.  The fall season weather is unpredictable - it can be quite warm during the daytime, with the nights cooling off into the 40's and 50's, or can be cold and rainy.   Fall foliage will often continue through the middle to late November.

Although the winters can be cold, the Christmas season can also be a nice time to visit Easton.  Holiday Season activities include an annual Tree Lighting Ceremony, annual Olde Tyme Holiday Parade, holiday carriage rides, and photos with Santa Claus.The town is decorated for the holiday season and many residents and visitors enjoy window shopping among the historic downtown street.  Most of the area's museums and other attractions are also open at this time.

For an up to date weather forecast of Easton, MD visit MSN Weather's Easton page.