There are three basic neighborhoods in York ( and each offers different shopping experiences.   For souvenir shopping, the York Beach Short Sands area is the best place to go.  And for quaint gift shop items which are slightly nicer than those souvenirs at the boardwalk, visit the Old York Historical Society's gift shop on Route 1A in York Village or Beautiful by the Sea, for decorative items for the home. 

Travelers who enjoy doing outlet shopping when they are on vacation will find that they don’t have to go far from York to get their fill.  Located just outside of town, Follow York Street  and go South on Route 1, to the Kittery outlet stores.  The outlets  include clothing and shoe stores but the specialty in the area is glassware and home furnishing stores.

The Stonewall Kitchen Company Store ( ), located within the town itself, is one of the favorite stops of tourists.   Other popular stores include Backyard Birds and Garden Frills, Daisy Trading Company, Fiona's Porch, and The Little Red Hen for cute clothing, accessories, gift items or decorative items.   Antiques are another hot item to buy during a stay in the area, although visitors should take their time browsing to pick out the items of best quality.Bell Farm Antiques is a quality shop located south of the York exit.  Follow Route 1 North through York and you will find many nice antique shops.