If you like rummaging around for interesting farm implements, old family photos, wonderful vintage jewelry and a myriad of other antique and "collectable" items, then the Montsweag Flea Market on Rt. 1 in Woolwich Maine is an interesting addition to your holiday trip!

Located just north of Bath and Maine, and a tad south of Wiscasset on Route 1,  Montsweag is host to dealers and collectors and very family oriented.

Run by Norma Scopino and extended families, this flea market has weathered the test of time ( 30 plus years)and opens religiously every May (in 2009, it should be  Mother's Day weekend; weather permitting ). It is usually open Wednesday's (at the crack of dawn till afternoon; varies by mood of dealers, and weather) - get there EARLY to grab the best pickins from the dealers who scoured the countryside on the weekends. If you go at around 6:30am or so, after you can head over to the little food booth for some great donuts or other breakfast fare. On Saturdays and Sundays it is again an early opening till the tourists stop coming!  NOTE: Route 1 is very heavily traveled so be patient and travel with cold drinks and snacks in case of bumper to bumper traffic.

There is also some conversation about Montsweag being open on Fridays this summer (July, Aug 2009 ) so call first to see before planning your trip.

So, if antiquing and having a great day in the " field " ( sunscreen, hat and a bottle of cold water would help you on a very sunny hot day )  is your idea of fun and finding the perfect collectable, then head to Montsweag for a little vintage retail therapy!

Correct website is: www.montsweagfleamarket.net