Out In OGT!

There is quite a simple format for going out in Ogunquit. If you intend to make a day of drinking and eating this is the way to go!

Lunch time - MC in Perkins Cove (formerly Hurricanes)$$$$, Frills Cafe on Shore Rd, or Bessie's in the Square 

Afternoon drinks - Barnacle Billy's (Veuve for $45) or rum punch only have 1 or 2 or your night ends early, also the deck at Maine Street if you are downtown. 

Before Dinner drinks - Old Village Inn (OVI), go see Dean and Jake, Probably the best bartenders in the world, well OGT anyway! If you can squeeze in 2 lots of before dinner drinks?

Bar Snacks - Definitely OVI,  Bessie's, or  5O' Shore Rd

Dinner (depending on budget) 98 Provence $$$$, Arrows $$$$$$, Gypsy Sweethearts $$$,  or Old Village Inn $$

Then after dinner, 9 ish, the downstairs bar at the Front Porch

followed by the Odrunkwit Triangle, Front Porch, Maine St and then Inside Out approximately 1hr at each.( All gay owned and operated). Maxwells and Vinny's are the straighter hangouts, though if you are in OGT you best be pretty open minded!

Or go to a Concert at Jonathan's Ogunquit, featuring national acts such as Judy Collins, Paula Poundstone, Arlo Guthrie and more!

Then nip out of Inside out at 12.50am and over to OVI for one last drink before bed. They also have very reasonable B&B rooms so you can just fall upstairs!

As far as late late night, often there are after parties if you can manage to find one at some friendly locals house!

And always remember the Ogunquit mottos:

"Water is for the Gym."

"Loose marbles roll in but never out."