If you’re at all interested in being active while in Kennebunkport, there are a variety of sports activities available.

First, consider sailing. There are plenty of companies with experts ready to take you out on the water. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a complete newbie, there’s s a day trip to suit you. Some come with lessons, some are just for the joy of the ride, others involve your own direction if desired. Sailing Trips ( www.sailingtrips.com) offers just such trips.

If you’re in Kennebunkport at just the right time, consider a whale-watching cruise. You might get lucky and see part of a migration. Check out First Chance Whale Watch ( www.firstchancewhalewatch.com) for more information about one of these exciting tours.

Enjoy biking? Consider renting a bike and exploring the shore and surrounding area via pedal power. Cape Able Bike Shop in the center of Kennebunkport’s downtown can help you with a bike rental and expert advice about where to go.

If you’d enjoy a scenic walk – and who wouldn’t in beautiful Kennebunkport? – there are walking trails here that offer beautiful views of the shore and area. Parson’s Way is one such walking path that offers incredible views with your walk.