The Wedding Cake House is located at 104 Summer Street in Kennebunk, Maine.

It is claimed to be the most photographed house in Maine. It was built by ship builder, who was inspired by cathedrals he saw in Europe. He spent his life adding the details to the exterior of the house. 

The name "Wedding Cake House" was given to the home due to it's exterior appearance.

   Wedding Cake House Sign

  Wedding Cake House      

The house can be viewed from the street, and there are no tours offered.

Most visitors will drive right past it on their way to Kennebunkport as it is hidden behind some large trees. It is a worth-wile stop, especially if you're driving in on Maine 9A / Route 35/ Summer Road into Kennebunkport (address is 104 Summer Road). If you drive past Jimmy's car shop, you've got a few houses too far.