The main highway in the region is Route 1, which currently has four lane but is in the planning stages to be upgraded. This highway links Bath to the nearby town of Brunswich, which is just off Interstate 295, a branch of I 95, which runs south to the area near New York City. While plans call for the expansion of bridges and new routes, visitors will have to rely on existing roads for the foreseeable future. The roads do have periods of high congestion, and this can make the going a bit slow during peak times.

If you’re driving up to the region, it is very accessible, and the roads around Bath are generally well marked. Outside of town there are sections with less than adequate street or highway lights, so be careful after the sun goes down.

Access to rail around the city is very good, and this connects many of the other communities in southwestern Maine. The trains run on time and traveling by rail is quite easy.

Additionally, taxicabs are available in the city of Bath. Only two major taxi services are available, so you may need to call ahead for a car. It is best to reserve cars if you’re heading out late at night, or need an early morning pickup. Rental cars are also available throughout the region, at the various airports and at other close by locations.