Now that Mother Nature has teased everyone with warmer temperatures and sunshine, it is time to dust off the bike and hit the road. Or in this case, trail!  Indianapolis is in the process of developing a new Cultural Trail that is great for family trips around town. It is called the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene & Marilyn Glick.

Cultural Trail in Indianapolis

The trail is an urban pedestrian and bicycle trail that will eventually connect neighborhoods and six Indianapolis Cultural Districts. The designers (and the city) eliminated a full lane of vehicular traffic and created a paved path in its place to create a safe way to get around the city on foot or bike. It will be lined by landscaping and public art. One fun piece of art is already dancing its way along the trail. Visitors enjoy swaying along with the artwork called, “Ann Dancing,” an animated piece of artwork by internationally renowned artist Julian Opie. The four-sided light emitting display (LED) is installed outside the Old Point Tavern.


The trail's architect and designers have gone beyond ADA requirements with audible signals and uniquely designed, colorful crosswalks that are embedded in the street pavement to alert crossing traffic to a unique driving environment.

ADA compliant crosswalk

Right now, the Alabama stretch is complete on the near east side of town and the North Corridor is expected to be finished this summer.