Peoria has several options for artisitic performances including the symphony, live theater, and many cultural music festivals. Peoria has their own Ballet Company; check their website for a calendar. The ballet company's "Nutcracker" performance during the holiday season is a local favorite. Also check with the Peoria Sympony's website for a calendar. You'll be in luck to catch one of their beautiful performances when you are in town. For more beautiful music, see what the Illinois Opera has on schedule during your stay.

Peoria has several theater groups and theaters that put on performances all year:

For seasonal events that include great performances, the Oktoberfest in September is a great time to come. Enjoy the music concerts and cultural exhibits of German heritage. Similarly the Erin Feis that runs in August at the Riverfront Festial Park has traditional Irish music and dance performances.


Once you are ready for a laugh head to Brewster's Comedy Club. Or if you want to catch a modern day theater showing, click here to be directed to a listing of the movie theaters in Peoria.