History is what Galena is about.  Check out the library.  They have a huge record collection, and a very helpful (albeit a bit ghostly) man there to help.  Then you can go back down to Main St. and know what you are looking at

Check out the museum and the place down on Main by the wine shop.  There, a young woman named Delight (she's absolutely Delightful), will guide you though the tales of Galena past.  How about the old churches?  They can be extravagant, or quite basic, either way, imagine them filled with people 100 years ago.

Most of those churches have been around that long, at least.  Check out the First Presbyterian Church, a favorite.   You could even go to a service on Sunday.  The pastor there is wonderful, welcoming, and pretty funny too.

People love Galena for many reasons, but it is the history that remains.