Being a college town, Champaign has to have some great places to find good food and many where you can find it cheap too. But be prepared to wait if it's between 6-8pm on a Friday or Saturday night when school is in session.

The campustown area is a great place to find a quick lunch with a variety of restuarants at your disposal along Green street, the main drag through campustown. Several of the bars along Green street offer a decent quick meal, from grabbing a burger and a beer at Murphy's Pub or trying out the Friday fish sandwich special at Legend's Bar & Grill. You also find a variety of newer chain restuarants have shown up along Green street from Qdoba to Potbelly's. And then there are the more localized places like Papa Del's, with the best pizza in town you'll be lucky to find a table so you might want to consider pick-up or delivery, or Zorba's, definitely one of the oldest places on Green street but they have the best gyros, or Za's, where you can make your own pasta or personal pizzas. And of course there are also your variety of Asian cuisine with places like Empire, one of the best Chinese restuarants on campus; Basil Thai Cafe, great place for a quick Thai fix, though a little greasy; and Dorca's, a tasty little Korean restuarant. If you're just looking to chill in a coffee shop, Green Street Coffee House is a great place to go. They offer wireless internet and during the school year you'll often find it full of students using it as a study spot. For those more inclined to dessert with their coffee, no visit to campustown would be complete without a stop at Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe. From artisian truffles that almost look too good to eat to a selection of tasty cheesecakes, you'll definitely come out on a sugar high. And don't forget all that sugar goest great with any of the amazing chocolate and coffee drinks, both hot and cold, they serve. And the view from the second floor overlooking the Alma Mater can't be beat. Can't get everyone to agree on a type of restuarant? If it's warm enough out, send everyone their own way and meet back up to sit out on the campus Quad and enjoy your meal. Just beware of the squirrels! They're masterminds at stealing food right from under you. 

For some off-campus dining options, downtown Champaign is a great place to go for both cheap and slightly nicer options. A classic place to hit up is Radio Maria. A little eclectic on the food options but it has a great atmosphere, so it's no wonder it's a popular date place. For a little more upscale modern wine bar, check out Bacaro. It's a little pricey but the food is quite good and the staff is very helpful if you are looking at their extensive wine list with no clue what to order. For a great place to grab a drink and dinner, check out Guido's Bar & Grill. For a beer, tasty pizza, and pool joint, nothing beats a night at Jupiter's.  

For some options outside of downtown Champaign, there is a myriad of popular chain restuarants all around the north end of Prospect avenue and north end of Neil street, right around I-74, as well as one of the great places to find mexican in town, Dos Reales. If you head to the west part of town, along I-55, you'll find several more popular known chain options like Famous Dave's BBQ and the Original Pancake House. On the southern end of Neil street towards Savoy, is Biaggi's, a nice and fancy Italian restuarant, as well as El Desmadre, another great place for mexican.

And if you don't mind driving across Wright street to head over to the sister city of Urbana on the east, you're food options just expanded even more. You have the really fancy restuarants of Silvercreek, in downtown Urbana, and Kennedy's, on the extreme southern end of town out on the golf course. There is the always popular Courier Cafe, a adorable little place with good food and some of the best milkshakes you'll ever have. And don't forget a stop at the Office, to grab a beer and some Irish nachos.