Boise is composed of a number of distinct neighborhoods, each with its own feel and personality.

Downtown Boise – Boise’s downtown skyline may not be as distinct as those of some other cities—there are just a few true skyscrapers—but the streets have a life and character all their own. The downtown region is still very much the cultural heart of the city, and many of Boise’s best shops and restaurants can be found there. Be sure to check out 8th street, a wide, picturesque avenue lined with cafés and catering to pedestrians.

The Boise Bench – So named for being elevated about 60 feet on a bench-like plateau above the rest of the city, the Bench is one of the neighborhoods of the city experiencing the most rapid commercial and residential development. The Bench is home to the Boise Train Depot and Boise Towne Square , a massive shopping and entertainment complex.

The North End – Though the hangout for much of Boise’s burgeoning arts scene, the North End is still very much a quiet, charming neighborhood notable for its tree-lined streets and historic homes.

Warm Springs – On and around Warm Springs Avenue, which shares its name with the district, are some of Boise’s grandest and most expensive private homes, many of them in the Victorian style.