In a town that dates back 500 years, accecibility can be an issue.  Parking is very limited and the best way to get around is walking.  For those with limited mobility it is better to limit your day's activities or take breaks throughout. 

The Lightner Museum  - has elevators but no seating throughout to enable soemone to take a rest while walking through the galleries.

St. George Street - many shops, best broken up over several visits.  Many of the stores are not wheelchair accesible due to narrow doorways and cramped displays.   

Trolly Tours (both companies) - must be able to step up into the trolley.  No wheelchair lift.  Does not offer a kneeling bus so you will need help up into the trolley. 

Castilo de San Marcos - Accesibility on the first floor.  Gun deck is only accesible by stairs.  Steps are wide but do not have safety rail on the right side. 

San Sebastian Winery - Has an elevator.  Tour is wheelchair accesible.  However, tasting room is set up for people to stand at the bar.  Could position yourself at the end of the bar to be able to view the tour guide.