Online, you'll find two websites with plenty of infomation to plan your trip to Pompano Beach. Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce operates a webiste at  that includes tons of information particularly useful for the business traveler. It includes data about the community, biz opprtunities, economic data, a schedule of events and the city's initiatives to promote the attraction of out of town businesses and the expansion of the existing ones. You can always visit their offices on site at 2200 East  Atlantic Blvd.

The Official website of Florida provides local and regional information catering the nationaland international tourist. The website operates versions in English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese. The information is interestingly organized to answer all your questions in an efficient way. Apart from the usual categories: shopping, dining, lodging, nightlife, family activities, it includes other categories such as hidden gems, small towns, authentic florida spots, amusing one-day itineraries, and tons of information about the natural and cultural opportunities formulated as experiences and sights that the traveler shouldn't miss. For detailed information about Pompano Beach, go to .