There are two popular modes of public transportation in Palm Beach. One is the Palm Tram and the other is the Tri-Rail.

The Palm Tram has been running in Palm Beach since the early 1970s. This transportation system consists of busses which provide rides to people all over the entire county of Palm Beach. The busses run every single day of the year (with a few exceptions) on a regular schedule. On legal holidays, the busses either run on a modified schedule or not at all. The Palm Tram website has information on what to expect on days such as Christmas and Labor Day. The bus Palm Tram bus system is equipped to handle people who use wheelchairs or need other types of assistance. The busses also have bike racks.

The Tri-Rail train system in Palm Beach is used to transport passengers from Palm Beach to Ft. Lauderdale and Miami and back again. Before getting on the train, tickets must be purchased – they cannot be paid for once the train has been boarded. It is possible to bring luggage or carry-ons on the trains, but the number of pieces allowed is three per person. Surfboards aren’t allowed on the trains, but some bikes are. Check with the train system before arriving for more details on bringing large items.