Most people who visit Palm Beach arrive via vehicle or airplane. There are many “snowbirds” who drive south for the winter from their homes in the northeastern part of the United States and spend the coldest months of the year in warm Palm Beach. Others who visit the city of Palm Beach arrive by flying into either Palm Beach International Airport, Ft. Lauderdale International Airport, or Miami International Airport.

Palm Beach International Airport ( PBI ) is the most convenient airport for people wanting to stay in the Palm Beach area. The Ft. Lauderdale airport and the Miami airport are both quite a drive away from Palm Beach, so if at all possible, the Palm Beach airport should be used.

The Palm Beach airport has been an international airport since 1993, and has a full service U.S. Customs terminal that can handle and process travelers arriving in Palm Beach from all other countries.

Upon arrival at the Palm Beach airport, visitors can take a number of different modes of transportation to their hotels or resorts. From the airport, there are a few public transportation methods, there are rental car companies with cars on-site, and there are a few different shuttle services that regularly make trips from the airport to all areas in Palm Beach.