One of the greatest safety concerns for the city of Palm Beach is the threat of being hit by a major hurricane. Due to the fact that so many hurricanes have hit the state of Florida and other areas in the United States within the past several years, Palm Beach is doing everything possible to prepare for any sort of natural disaster that could happen at any time.

Palm Beach County has a “ Division of Emergency Management” that works directly with all sorts of organizations within the state of Florida and also the federal government to make sure that the city has an emergency plan in place. If any visitor is in Palm Beach when the city is given a warning that a major hurricane is approaching the area, the hotel management, or a person in charge of the accommodations where tourists are staying, should have specific instructions on what to do and directions to evacuation locations.

There are many pre-determined hurricane shelters in the Palm Beach area, and if notice is given to evacuate the area, visitors should follow instructions given by authorities. It’s also a smart idea to always have all vehicles (even rental cars) completely full with gas before a hurricane arrives in the area because gas can be hard to find after a hurricane strikes.