There are some services offered to Disney visitors that can be rather helpful.

Disney's Magical Express:  You can skip the dreaded baggage claim, because this service picks up your luggage and drops it off at your Disney-owned resort hotel.  This shuttle from the airport is good, comfortable and free way to get to the hotel.  By design, your luggage shows up in your room several hours after you do, so make sure you take the basic things with you in a small case.  One thing to keep in mind is that return trip back to the airport may leave earlier than one would expect - for example 3 hours plus before scheduled flight departure.

Disney's PhotoPass:  In the theme parks, there are professional  Disney photographers in several strategic spots that take photos (including areas with the characters).  They conveniently scan a card (called Disney's PhotoPass) so that you, your family and friends can see the photographs online.  It is free, and you re-use the same card in all the parks.  Some attraction rides use PhotoPass as well (for example, Test Track at Epcot).  If you end up with a number of these cards, you may link them up together on-line when you return from your vacation or if you choose to order pictures or have a CD made whilst at Disney World, you take all your photopasses together.  For example, at the waterparks, you will get one photopass with a wrist band holder every time a picture is taken.

Package Delivery:  Another good service is the Package Delivery service.  Everything you buy at the Disney theme parks can be sent to your Disney hotel.  You pick it up at the gift shop of your Disney resort hotel after 3:00 p.m. on the day after you bought it. Same-day delivery to your Disney resort hotel is not available. In addition, you can't use this service for purchases made on the day before your check-out day. 

Room Key Convenience:  If you don't have a separate ticket, you use your Disney resort hotel room key (known as your Key To The World card) as your park ticket media and to obtain FASTPASSes. as a fast pass and ticket media. If you opt for the Disney Dining Plan, your KTTW card is also your Dining Plan card. If you wish, you can set up a room charge (with a credit card, debit card or cash) and charge meals and pirchases to your room charge account. This can be very useful, as you do not need to worry about carrying or losing credit cards or cash.

Grocery Delivery:  All of the Disney Resorts allow grocery delivery from the delivery services available.  Food Store 2 is one and so is Door Side Delivery.  The Disney Resorts have dedicated storage for the groceries so you don't have to be in your room when your grocery order is delivered.  They have cold storage and frozen storage as well as dry storage.