Millions of visitors come to  Orlando, Fl each year. The  Orlando International Airport (MCO) is one of the busiest airports in Florida. It offers nonstop service to/from more then 100 destinations worldwide: Europe, Canada, South and Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Since getting in and out of the airport can be quite frustrating, you should arrange your transportation in advance. Last minute decisions can always lead to confusion, which are best avoided if possible. The best thing to do is call ahead. If you know that you will be visiting the Orlando area and need transportation to and from the airport and around the city for attractions, you can use several taxi services and even shuttles that will take you to your hotel. 

Your options: 

1 - BUS

This is typically the least common choice of Orlando airport transportation since it is the least convenient. But if you're in no rush, don't have too much luggage and looking to save some cash, the local bus system will get you into the city or to the major resort areas for around $2 each per one-way trip.

Bus 111 operates from Orlando International every 60 minutes to the Sea World area, where transfers can be made to other routes - to Disney for example.  Bus 42 also runs from the airport every 30 minutes (hourly Sundays) and serves much of International Drive.  Other areas can be reached either by other direct routes or by making transfers (free).  Visit for more information.


Taxis in Orlando run on a metered basis. The city of Orlando mandates charges as follows: $2.40 for the first 1/4 mile, .60 for every 1/4 thereafter, .60 for every 80 seconds wait time. Upon entering a taxi, always ensure that the driver engages the meter - unsuspecting tourists are easy targets for dishonest drivers, and upcharging while turning off the meter can present an unpleasant surprise upon arrival. There are also companies offering shuttle services to and from Orlando Airport. Shuttles are a flat rate, and are generally more cost effective if traveling to/from the airport, theme parks, and hotels in the area. Try to organize your transportation before you arrive in Orlando.  



If you choose a different company, make sure it is permitted by Orlando Airport Authority and has a commercial insurance policy. 


Renting a car is a very common option to get to your destination from the airport, especially for families who would like to explore the city on their own. MCO has several car rental companies that are accessible on-site (terminals A and B):  AvisAlamoBudgetDollarNational


Lynx Bus offers wheelchair accessible public transportation to and from the airport to most popular destinations or should you wish to rent a wheelchair accessible vehicle there are several companies to choose from;  Discount Mobility USAFlorida Van Rentals, Etc.

CONS: gas expenses, parking fees, paying for insurance, have to buy/rent a GPS or constantly use a map, not enough space for luggage (from/ to airport).

There are numerous options for your travel from the airport or throughout the Orlando area. Ease of travel is one major factor of a vacation.  Planning ahead is one of the best things you can do to ensure that you have a safe and fun vacation.