My HOUSE Fridays 

Friday HOUSE parties tend to be more straight, but at HOUSE, straight doesn't equal BORING. Be prepared to expect the unexpected, open your mind, and succumb to your naughty desires. HOUSE, NEVER announce celebrity HOUSE guests or DJs. This is a PRIVATE party, so show up and enjoy the sh*t show!WARNING: If you have an aversion to spanking, vibrators, grandmas, babies, feathers, or sheep – PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND

.HOUSE Miami Nightclub  

DRESS CODE:DRESS CODE IS STRICTLY ENFORCED. HOUSE  encourage creative couture, from sexy pajamas to leather to pink panties. DRESS UP TO DRESS DOWN.

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All KEYS are at the door and can be picked up after 11pm on Fridays or Saturdays.

HOUSE nightclub is one of Miami hottest nightclubs.

HOUSE Nightclub Miami