An article (Feb. 2006) in the Miami Herald, stated there seems to be an issue with taxi cabs refusing to take passengers from the Port of Miami to their hotels or other sites, within a short distance, like to downtown hotels. This information would be good for any visitor coming to Miami to have.

A couple who recently returned from a cruise out of the Port of Miami wrote in saying that a cab driver had refused to take them to their hotel located downtown, a short distance from the port. He told them to take public transportation but the only bus from the port they could find was going to the airport and a shuttle bus was designated for cruise employees only.

The shuttle driver told the couple that the police could force the cab driver to take them. The police said that cab drivers cannot refuse a fare or their license could be revoked. They approached a cab, and were able to get to their hotel. They heard other hotel guests complaining of the same problem.

According to a Consumer Services spokesman, cab drivers who refuse to transport a passenger are subject to a $250 fine. Repeat offenses can lead to a higher fine or the taxi driver’s license being suspended or revoked. They have officers at various sites and use mystery shoppers asking for transportation from such sites as the Port of Miami.

Should you have a problem such as this, you can file a complaint by calling Consumer Services’ Mediation Center at (305) 375-3677 or visit Include a description of the driver, vehicle number, and date of the incident, as well as their license number, which should be prominently displayed on the dashboard with a photo ID.

There are some private transfer options from the Port, charged per car.

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