1. SOUTHERNMOST POINT - Whitehead and South Street Key West ,  FL  33040
    Only 90 miles from Cuba. Make sure you visit the Southernmost Point in the Continental USA.  

  2. DRY TORTUGAS NATIONAL PARK AND FORT JEFFERSON FERRY                                                                       Phone: (305) 294-7009  or 800-634-0939
    Email: ferry@yankee-fleet.com          http://www.nps.gov/drto/        http://www.yankeefreedom.com/    http://www.seaplanesofkeywest.com/
    Key West Seaport, 240 Margaret Street, Key West ,  FL  33040
    The Yankee Freedom provides daily ferry service from Key West to the Dry Tortugas National Park and Fort Jefferson. Located almost 70 miles west of Key West, seven lonely yet beautiful islands make up the Dry Tortugas. The Yankee Freedom is a fast comfortable boat that serves up a satisfying breakfast and lunch. They also lend out snorkel gear which is must at Dry Tortugas. When you land at the dock in Dry Torugas, head off to the back beach to your right. The beach is smaller and not as pretty as the beach to your left- but the snorkeling is much better! When you swim out- swim to the right to the old dock pilings where you will see many types of fish and marine life. Be careful swimming through the pilings!! The Yankee Freedom will hand out snorkel maps so you will get a good idea of the layout before you hit the water.  If you'd like to get to the park more quickly, there is also seaplane service available through Seaplanes of Key West.

  3. ERNEST HEMINGWAY HOME and MUSEUM  Phone: 305.294.1136  
    Email: hemingwayhome@prodigy.net         http://www.hemingwayhome.com/
    907 Whitehead St.
    Key West ,  FL  33040
    The Ernest Hemingway Home tour was really great and informative.  Loren was manning the front ticket kiosk and was friendly and welcoming! There was even a cat in the ticket booth counter- so we were greeted right away by a Hemmingway cat. We didn't have wait but one minute before a tour started. Our tour guide was Bob and he was fantastic. We learned a great deal about Ernest- his inspirations for his characters- his love life- his family life and of course- his imprint on Key West. The cats were worth the $11 admission alone. Charlie Chaplin was quite the star with his cat moustache and the 6 toed cats were both unique and friendly. Please allow some time for yourself to explore after the guided tour to take photos of the house, the grounds and the cats. After our tour- my husband hung out with guides on the front porch and learned more about the cats and local folk lore. If you want the tour- be sure to ask for Bob or Loren. They were simply the BEST.

  4. KEY WEST CEMETERY - Margaret and Angela Streets Key West ,  FL  33040
    Moved to higher ground after the 1847 hurricane disinterred bodies from the first burial ground near the Southernmost Point, the whitewashed above-ground tombs & statues are fascinating. We heard there were a few funny headstones that read "I'll Be Back" and "I told you I was sick." We rode our scooter to the cemetery which was a nice ride. There were many lizards and birds besides the funny headstones. 

  5. SUNSET CELEBRATION- Mallory Square
    Every night- street entertainers and performers, vendors, locals, and visitors all gather at Mallory Square for a celebration to watch the sunset. Do not forget your camera!!

  6. CAPITAN TONY'S SALOON- 428 Greene Street, Key West                                                                                      This is a must see bar!  This location was the original "Sloppy Joe's" when Ernest Hemingway lived in Key West. In 1058 the bar was bought by Captain Tony's and has been known as that ever since! There is a tree in the bar that was known as the hanging tree where as many as 18 people met their fate. The bar is filled with character as business cards line the walls and bras line the ceiling. As you check out Hemmingway's original bar stool- try Captain Tony's "Pirate Punch".     

  7. GARDEN OF EDEN- Located on the corner of Caroline and Duval Street above the Bull & Whistle                                  This is a Clothing Optional Bar that features a DJ that spun disco the night we were there and corner body painting booth that had an awesome artist. A few ladies had their upper bodies painted, many people were dancing, and there were even a few fully nude men as well. A very unique bar!               

  8. PIRATE SOUL MUSEUM -  524 Front St., Key West.  Phone: 305-292-1113   http://www.piratesoul.com/                       Arrrr, matey!  This new attraction is all about the golden age of piracy.  Authentic pirate artifacts and the latest special effects bring it all to life and help guests imagine what it would be like to sail with pirates.  Wonderful for kids and the kid in you!  Watch out - you may run into a real live pirate!
    (Google Places says this place has closed/relocated)