Well , lets see, I have lived here for 16 years. It's a small town ,very crowded in tourist season ( all winter) Many retired types. Evryone heads to Ft. Myers Beach for the most part.

                It's very clean, not alot to do in town. a good size mall, nice downtown area, Feb. is the Edison festival which ends around feb 14th with a big parade at nite with fireworks .

           Not damaged in Ft. Myers by 2 years of hurricaines but the Beach community was . Ft. Myers Beach is ok now, back to normal. Sanibel, and Naples are still in bad shap in spots. Check all hotels in saibel and Naples before booking. up to only half so far so be careful. Nice people here. Traffic is terrible but if you are coming for the beach it won't bother you much. you walk everywhere on the Beach.

        I have traveled a good deal and can tell you we have some pretty spectacular sunsets. The wildlife is plentiful at Ding darling on sanibel and across aligator ally you can see all the alligatores you want to. Don't worry , nice strong fence ( see through ) on either side of road. lots of rest ares and pull outs so you can stop and view all the birds and gators!

       There is a water park ( Sunsplash ) in Cape Coral, a childrens museum downtown, manatees are in the canals and up river near the power plant and manatee state park. the best thing ois we are about 2 hrs. from Miami over the aligator alley tollroad, or about 21/2 hr away from Tampa via 75 to the north.

    Nick name is city of Palms, so lots of all kinds of palmtrees . Citrus is plentiful. water is nice and warm. and the Sun is waiting LOL Lots of good weather here. Spring is rainy and a bit in Dec. But dry so far this winter. Even if it does rain, very rarely do we have an all day rain. Temp is good here year round. It can get nippy in the winter mon. dec jan. Feb. But has only hit 30 2 times in the past 17 years. mid 50's would be the lowest high I think.

hope this helps y"all