When you  visit Ft Lauderdale, take the bus.  You don't have to worry about the automated cameras that can give you a ticket, about the Florida drivers, etc.

The best deal is getting to and from the Ft Lauderdale Airport.  Here is how to take the bus from the airport to the Central Terminal where you can connect to many Broward County bus lines.  There is one County bus stop at the airport.  It is in the upper level of the rental car terminal, out on the pavement.  There is a single Broward County Bus stop sign - about 1 foot wide by 18 inches high, with a round top - that says Route 1.  That is the route, both northbound (to the Central Bus Terminal) and southbound (towards Aventura Mall) that stops at the airport. And that is the place the bus will stop.

Within the airport terminals are signs that say "County Bus", directing you to the rental car terminal.  (Also, some of the airport buses that run around the terminals in a loop will say "County Bus", meaning that they will take you to the rental car terminal so that you can catch the Broward County bus. It can be confusing which bus is actually the County Bus).

The county bus will say on top: Central Terminal (headed north) or Aventura Mall (headed south on Federal Hwy 1).  The fare is currently $1.75 (no change given) as of January 2014.  Or you can put in $4.00 and get an all-day bus pass for Broward County buses. 

The Route 1 bus runs about every 20 minutes, from about 5 AM until approximately 11:30 PM (weekdays).  It runs on holidays and Sundays from about 6:30 AM to  about 9:30 PM.  It can run late at busy times and is (rarely) full, which means waiting for the next bus to come.  So allow plenty of time. 

The other riders are courteous and helpful if you are. The driver wants you to have your money ready and not ask too many questions, so ask other passengers while you are waiting. The area around the Central Terminal can be dangerous after dark, and there are homeless people there, but you should feel safe on the bus.