Coral Gables is a safe city, its crime is non-violent.  The number of incidents is minimal, and these occurrences are extremely exceptional in tourist areas like the Venetian Pool, the Biltmore area, or the Miracle Mile.

The number of incidents of burglary and larceny are higher than one would expect, so use common sense and lock your car doors and try not to walk around with wads of cash.

When it comes to public safety maintenance, Coral Gables implements a Mobile Patrol and a Neighborhood Crime Watch to keep its community more secure.  The Business Crime Watch, Senior Citizens Crime Watch, and Youth Crime Watch work to further eliminate violence with more targeted offensives.

One of the biggest obsessions the city has is with graffiti.  As the City Beautiful, Gables has an image to maintain, and so has been working fervently to protect private property from spray cans.

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