If, like many people, you are lured to Cape Canaveral by the space program, there are a number of books that might provide excellent preparatory reading. If a guidebook is more your style, information about traveling to Cape Canaveral can be found in a variety of Florida travel and guide books.

If you’re a space enthusiast, you might want to put a new book on your pre-travel reading list. “Go for Launch! An Illustrated History of Cape Canaveral”, is a fulsome book that shows in pictures the evolution of the nation’s space program at Cape Canaveral along with anecdotes, trivia and other interesting facts. Aerial photos and detailed maps add to the interesting 300-page collection of information.

“Hidden Walt Disney World, Orlando and Beyond”, is sure to provide some interesting information for any side trip you might want to take to Cape Canaveral. Many visitors to the Orlando area consider a side trip to Cape Canaveral a must-do and this book will help you combine those two aspects of your trip nicely.

Don’t forget the local newspaper for information about weather, activities, history and the like. Florida Today, the newspaper of Florida’s space coast, can offer all that and more. If you are planning your trip to coincide with a shuttle launch, this website offers up to the minute information about the launch and its status.