A museum featuring three floors of clocks and watches from the 1850s to today's latest technology. Presented by Timex Corp. It is located in a separate building, but included in the Brass Mall Commons shopping center general area. Ample parking is available. When the owners of Timex told a friend, Thor Heyerdahl, of their project, Thor's family persuaded them to include an area featuring Thor's travel in replicas of ancient boats from different areas in the Pacific. These journeys were to show possible contacts between ancient civilizations. While this is totally unrelated to clocks or watches, it is interesting. In the lobby area there is also a store that sells Timex products at a discount. They are open Tues.- Sat. 10 am to 7 pm. There is charge to go through. Check the website for the amount. The address is 175 Union Street Waterbury, CT