In New London, kids will certainly have a great time at the parks while the adults enjoy the magnificent waterfront. Boasting a long strip of "sugar-sand" beach, Ocean Beach Park is one of the most popular attractions in town. The kids will love playing with the sand, trying some mini golf or swimming in the huge pool on the beach. The whole family will enjoy walking along the boardwalk and have a nice view of the ocean and river as the boats and ships incessantly circulate creating a magnificent unrehearsed spectacle. In the evening, enjoy the shows at the stage in the middle of the boardwalk. Don't forget your picnic basket as there is a huge picnic area where the family can eat as they still enjoy the many attractions of the park.

Located in downtown, New London Waterfront Park is the newest park in town boasting a half mile promenade. Visitors will de deligthed with the new access to the waterfront. The site includes docks available for temporary boaters with a charge of U$20 per night. If you like canoeing and kajaking, practical ramps will make it easier to take your boat to the water.

To mix entertainment with learning, visit Fort Trumbull State Park. Located 90 Walbach Street, the park was the site of a fort strategically overlooking the harbor and the mouth of Thames River. From the times of the War of Independence to the Civil War, the fort was used for defensive purposes and during World War II, it was a training and research facility. The park includes an exhibit of the history of the fort, picnic areas and trails. Don't forget your fishing rod as there is a great fishing pier.