1. Bhuj happens to be  a central location for travelling kutchch and adjoining areas.
  2. Reaching bhuj is easy from any major city of Gujarat.
  3. A taxi may be hired from taxi stand in Bhuj.All the Taxi wallahs are good local fellows.I was with this man called Iqbal Bhai, a gem of a person.
  4. Keeping Bhuj as your central location you can travel to various sides of and come back the same evening.
  5. White Rann is around 70KMS which can be covered in a day along with kalasomething and India Bridge.
  6. Another day may be dedicated to mandavi. A beach called pawanchakki beach and vijay vilas palace(various hindi films have been shot here) may be visited. Lunch can be taken at a Jain Temple nearby(awesome food).
  7. Mata ni math may be visited another day.
  8. Some good palaces and museums may be visited in Bhuj before wrapping up the journey.