To many who have not visited Hartford, the city is known as just a place halfway between New York and Boston but it is so much more then that. Hartford is everything from a global center of business to a place rich in history to a place that is home to numerous cultures, religions and beliefs.

Arts & Culture: Hartford has long been known as a center for the arts, from hosting the Connecticut Ballet, to the Wallace Stevens Walk. And for history buffs, a visit to the Hartford History Center is a must. 

The Business World: More then 105,000 call downtown Hartford there place of work. Hartford has been known as the insurance capital of the world and despite many mergers in the insurance industry there is still a large insurance presence in the city there is also the continued presence of numerous other industries in the city from banking to world class law firms and architectural firms. For example companies such as AETNAThe Hartford Financial Services Group and United Technologies are all headquartered in the city.

Sports: Although Hartford has not been home to a major sports team for numerous years, the city showed its dedication to the Hartford Whalers which left the city in 1997. There are efforts underway to attract an NHL team back to Hartford by either renovating the current Hartford Civic Center or building a completely new arena. The teams that are in the Hartford area, though, still get great support.  The AHL Hartford Wolfpack and  UCONN Mens & Women's Basketball  play many games at the Hartford Civic Center; UCONN Football  plays games at East Hartford's brand new Rentschler Field.  Others include the New Britan Rock Cats baseball team as well teams from the University of Hartford, Saint Josephs College, Trinity College and Central Connecticut State University. Hartford's close proximity to New York and Boston also has drawn the area down the middle over the support of sports teams (especially baseball) in these cities.

Diversity: The greater Hartford area is home to an array of differant cultures, religions and beliefs. For example, parts of the city of Hartford are Hispanics and African Americans, the South End of Hartford, Wethersfield and Rocky are home to a large number of Italians (one of Hartford's sister cities is Floridia on the island of Sicily in Italy), New Britan is home to a large Polish population and West Hartford is home to a large number of Jewish residents. This diversity plays an important role in the Greater Hartford area as Park Street in Hartford draws Hispanics from all over the area as well people from Boston and New York City to shop and dine in Spanish speaking restaurants and stores and there is an annual Front Street Reunion on the riverfront in Hartford to remember Front Street, an Italian neighborhood that was knocked down to make room for Constitution Plaza and I-91.