Some Buildings to see:

Hartford Municipal Building at 550 Main Street in Downtown Hartford: Opened it's doors in  1915 the building is the city hall for Hartford and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1981 


Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art at 600 Main Street in Downtown Hartford: The main musuem building is shaped like a castle and was built back in 1842


Old State House at 800 Main Street in Downtown Hartford: Completed in 1796 the Old State House is one of the oldest state house in the nation.


Phoenix Insurance Building: The headquarters of Phoenix Insurance is located in the world's first two sided building which is known locally as the boat building. The building sits atop Constitution Plaza near Adriaens Landing and the CT River


Cheny Building/Richardson Building/ Residence Inn by Marriott Hartford Downtown Hotel at 942 Main Street in Downtown Hartford: This seven story building was designed by famous architect Henry Hobson Richardson and is now the home of the Residence Inn by Marriott and City Steam



960 Main (G. Fox Building/ Capital Community College) at 960 Main Street  in Downtown Hartford: The original part of the building was built in 1917. The art deco style building has 833,000 square feet of space on 11 floors and two below grade level floors. G. Fox in Hartford was once one of the sixth largest department stores in the country and is now home to Capital Community College, various offices and retail and entertainment spaces that include Club 960 and GlobalGourment


One Corporate Center/ Stilts Building at 180 Church Street in Downtown Hartford: A downtown office building that was built in 1981 with the upper levels of the exterior all in glass and holding up these upper levels are what look like concrete stilts. Not a true tourist site but surely a building to take a picture of on your way to the sites of downtown Hartford


State Capital Building at 210 Capital Avenue in Downtown Hartford: The state capital sits atop Bushnell Park and first opened back in January, 1879. The building was named a national historic landmark in 1972 and is open for tours.


Hartford State Armory at 360 Broad Street in Downtown Hartford: The building was completed back in 1909 and is a classical revival style State Armory & Arsenal located in downtown Hartford. The building is still the home of the Connecticut Military Department


Sailors & Soldiers Memorial Arch in Downtown Hartford: The arch was dedicated back in September 17, 1886 and honors the 4000 citizens from Hartford who served in the Civil War and the 400 who died. The arch also features a plaque that honors the 128 African American residents of Hartford who fought for the Union. The arch is open for tours and visitors during the proper weather can walk all the way to the top and get a great view of the city.


Travelers Tower at 1 Tower Square in Downtown Hartford: The tower is home to major operations of Saint Paul Travelers which was formed when Hartford based Travelers Insurance and Saint Paul, MN based Saint Paul Companies merged. The building is 527 feet and has 24 floors making it the first commerical building outside of New York City to rise higher then 500 feet. For many years the tower was the tallest building in New England. There is an observation deck on the top floor which offers amazing views of downtown Hartford, the Connecticut River and the Connecticut River Valley


Saint Patrick's Saint Anthony Church at 285 Church Street in Downtown Hartford: Home of Connecticut's oldest Roman Catholic parish this building is truly a work of art. The building features a side chapel, garden areas and attached is the new Franciscan Center for Urban Ministry which features offices, meeting rooms and classrooms for the church's Sunday School program


Butler McCook House at 396 Main Street in Downtown Hartford: Hartford's oldest house from 1782 is preserved and also features Hartford's oldest collection of art, antiques and household items. There is also a restored victorian garden that was designed by the same person who designed Hartford's Bushnell Park and Cedar HillCemetery


Linden Condominiums on Main Street and Linden Place (By Hartford Public Library, Butler McCook House & Superior Court) in Downtown Hartford: Some of Hartford's first condos from are still today quite extravagent and housed in an amazing southern style building


Colt Firearms Factory/ Sammuel Colt Home in the Shelden/ Charter Oak Area: Former home of manufactoring operations for Colt firearms is now being redeveloped by completly renovating the entire 17 acre site to include residential units, office space, retail space, gardens and if National Park Status is acheived there may even be a museum or two.


Cathedral of Saint Joseph at 140 Farmington Avenue on Asylum Hill in Hartford: The cathedral was built in 1962 and replaced and replaced one that burned in 1956. The new cathedral has huge stained glass windows from Paris and the largest ceramic tile mural of its kind in the world. The catherdral can seat 1750 people and features two side chapels


UCONN School of Law at 45 Elizabeth Street (off Farmington Avenue and Asylum Avenue) in the West End: The UCONN School of Law is one of the leading law schools in the country and the west end campus is on the National Register of Historic Sites. The campus features gothic style buildings that were built in 1925 except for the new library which was built in 1996 and is one of the largest law libraries in the country. The campus is right next to the Hartford Seminary


Hartford Seminary at 77 Sherman Street (off Farmington Avenue) in the West End: Construction began in 1978 and finished in 1981 to build a building that now accomadates all of the seminaries programs. The building was designed by post modern architect Richard Meier and features a large meeting room, chapel, library, bookstore, classrooms, workrooms and offices. The building is next to the UCONN School of Law

Hartford Seminary


Clemens Place at 16 Owen Street (Off Farmington Avenue) in the West End: Clemens Place is a restored 1920's neighborhood that features 41 renovated historic buildings that are listed on the National Register of Historic Landmarks. These buildings house more then 540 apartments, some of which are home to University of Hartford, UCONN School of Law and Hartford Seminary students. The community is 17 acres and features brick and stone walking paths. Some of the buildings line Farmington Avenue and some are on Owen Street which is a circular street off Farmington Avenue


Governor's Mansion at 990 Prospect Avenue in the West End: Has been the home for CT governors and their families since 1943 and features 18th century original and reproductive furniture. The home was built in 1909. The home today features 19 rooms, 15000 square feet of living space, nine fireplaces, nine bathrooms,  pool and pergola all on four acres and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places


West End Homes including Goodwin Estates: The west end is home to some of Hartford's finest homes especially on Prospect Avenue which is home to the Governor's Mansion, Scarborough Street which is home to the former residence of Everett "Chick" Austin who served as director of the Wadsworth Atheneum from 1927-1944 (this house is deisgned to look like a stage set) and Asylum Avenue which includes Goodwin Estates which is home to 7 new condos and 56 new townhouses. The condos are in a renovated historic mansion and the 56 townhouses were constructed around the mansion