Getting to Telluride is quite easy as it is such a tourist favorite. People fly from all over the world to benefit from the ski slopes, or the summer festivals and the beautiful nature of the area. Driving is also a good option as the routes are so scenic.

You can fly into the Telluride Regional Airport from several locations in the U.S. Most likely, you will make at least one switch, however; in Denver for example. Prepare for a little possible ear discomfort on the flight however, as this is the world's second highest commercial airport. Because of this, it is also more at risk for climate conditions interfering with flights. When this is the case, flights often go through the Cortez Airport or the Montrose Regional Airport. Shuttle and taxis services would then get you to Telluride.

Many people choose to drive to Telluride as well. The drive can be half the fun depending on your route as Colorado's highway system is wonderfully beautiful in most areas. From Denver, Telluride is a 7 hour drive; from Colorado Springs, about 6. For more driving information, visit the Telluride tourism board website. Also visit to request a free road map of Colorado. The site also gives information about driving conditions in different seasons.