Telluride has four significantly different seasons, all beautiful and incredible in their own right. Depending on what you want to come to this area to do, should determine the time you want to visit.

The winter brings in ski and snowboarding fanatics (and beginners) from around the world. The winters receive a lot of snow making beautifully powdery ski conditions. But the temperatures are actually quite mild. It is also very sunny, you'll without a doubt need sunglasses and sunscreen. Dressing in layers is advised because it can get a little warm with a thick coat on even during the coldest month. Such is the beauty of a Colorado winter.

Spring in Telluride is also very beautiful, the melting snow brings rain and then quickly paints the landscape with flowers and lush greenery. The weather quickly turns warm.

Summer is just as much a high season as is winter. The beautiful nature of Telluride brings people into hike, bike and relax in the charming city. The hottest temperatures will usually be in the low 80s with plenty of sun.

The fall holds its own as well. The foliage of the mountain ranges surrounding Telluride are a brilliant display. Weather is pretty temperate in the fall as well, temperatures range around the 50s.

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