Travelers generally find that driving is the way that they are most likely to get around Santa Cruz.   However, walking, bicycling, public transportation and car-sharing are all options in the area.   More information on public transportation is available at .

California is known for its health-conscious attitude and recent history in the Santa Cruz area has found an increase in the number of people bicycling there.  This has created a demand for bike paths which has been met by the city.  The most popular bike routes are the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk ( ) and the San Lorenzo River Trail.  Tourists enjoy these for the relaxing ride and the chance to see some of Santa Cruz that they might not have otherwise explored.  In terms of getting around to other areas of the city, on-street bike lanes are present on main roads, although bicyclists are warned to watch out for those California drivers.

Driving in Santa Cruz is not difficult, for the most part, but visitors from outside of California are reminded that driving in the state is generally a bit more aggressive and a bit faster than in other areas of the country.  Visitors should either keep pace with the traffic on the roads or stay in the right hand lanes while driving.

Car-sharing  has been an option on UCSC's campus since 2007, and has recently expanded to downtown and Westside Santa Cruz. Cars can be reserved by the hour or by the day, and are available in town; Hybrids such as the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight are available as well as standard vehicles.