Saint Helena is a location which draws travelers in to the area not because of some rich, extensive history or because of some wonderful tourist attraction but because of its natural landscape.  For this reason, instead of having numerous museums and famous attractions, the area instead has numerous natural places to visit.  The most well-known of these, and the main reason why almost everyone who heads to Saint Helena has even heard about the area, are the vineyards located there and the wineries offering tours of their premises and tasting in their buildings.

There are more than a dozen wineries in the nearby area to choose from and visitors will probably find that almost any of them is worth visiting.  The Beringer Vineyards are among the most well-known and are highly recommended because a tour of them also includes a tour of the historic Rhine House which is enjoyed by those visitors who do like to see historic sites during their vacations.  More information about that specific vineyard is available online at .  More comprehensive information about the vineyards located in the area is also available online at .

Travelers who like to do museum tours will be happy to know that there is one major museum located in Saint Helena , the Silverado Museum .   This is a specialty museum.   Unlike historical museums which feature exhibits about an area, this museum features artifacts relating entirely the author, Robert Louis Stevenson.