There is no major mode of public transportation in Saint Helena.  This simply is not an area where buses or subways are used.  Travelers usually find that getting around the area requires the use of a car.  (More information about getting around Saint Helena is available online at .)  However, travelers who are seeking public transportation options, especially for the purpose of exploring the area’s many wineries which is one of the biggest tourist draws to the area, should know that there are some options available to them.

These options are not standard public transportation options but rather are guided tours.  These come in the form limousines, buses and trains, all of which are used by travelers.  Each of these offers a different type of transportation experience. 

 While most visitors drive to St. Helena, other options are available. The Vine is the public transportation for Napa Valley. If you want to travel first class, call one of the many limo and tour companies.   Most limo and tour companies can transport you in style from any of the three area airports. Call ahead for reservations.  Remember that DUI's are the Napa Valley's biggest crime and not taken lightly.