Public Transportation

This is a Google Map of all of the specific points of interest that you will need to know.  Go here:  Google Map

The trip should take you between 1 hour and 35 minutes and two hours to get to the entrance of the Rose Bowl from your departure on the Flyaway Bus at LAX.  The Flyaway Bus leaves LAX every 30 minutes.  Passengers board buses on the Lower/Arrivals Level in front of each terminal under the green "FlyAway, Buses and Long Distance Vans" signs. Each bus is marked with its service location.

You pay your $7.00 fare once you arrive at Union Station (Sit in the front of the bus so that you will be first in line to pay at the kiosk).

Proceed down the ramp to Union Station.  You will enter through the east entrance.  Follow the signs to the Metro Gold Line.  You will take it to Pasadena (The last Station is Sierra Madre Villa; but for Rose Bowl, exit at Memorial Park Station).  The fare is $1.75 to the Memorial Park Station.  This should take 15-30 minutes.

Go around the corner to Walnut and North Fair Oaks (follow the signs at Memorial Park station).  You can wait in line for the FREE shuttle to the Stadium.  If the lines appear long, ask how long the wait will be.  If the line is predicted to take longer than 30 minutes, consider walking to the Rose Bowl, which is an easy walk of approximately 30 minutes, depending on your pace. From the Parsons parking lot, it is 1.4 mile to the parking lot where the shuttle would have dropped you.   Walk west on Walnut; cross over the freeway; continue west on Walnut.  Turn right on Orange Grove, and then left on Rosemont, which will lead you down the hill to the Rose Bowl.  Other than the freeway overpass, this is a pleasant and scenic stroll through one of Pasadena's loveliest neighborhoods.  For those interested in architecture, this walk will include a historic neighborhood with at least two houses of major interest.  The Gamble House, a masterpiece of the Craftsman Style, designed by Greene and Greene, can be seen on your left as you walk along Orange Grove.  Visitors are welcome to walk around the grounds to get a close look at the house from all sides (the house is now a public monument).  As you walk down Rosemont, there is a Frank Lloyd Wright house on the right at @ 600-620 Rosemont.  The property is walled and the privately-owned house, set far back, is visible through the gates.  The house is in the textile block style, and is in a constant state of restoration.

Good luck and Happy New Year!