Farmer's Market - the best way to get fresh and local produce!

Farmers Market in Oakland

If you want to find fresh produce, eat local and have a great local experience, the farmers markets in Oakland are a great place to go, even when you are traveling. Oakland has 3 great farmers market you can go to.

Friday Farmers Market in Oakland
The Old Oakland Farmers Market is set up in a great location, among historic buildings. You will find a large choice of lunch meals , such as the yummy rotisserie chicken, fresh apple juice, and so much more!

Saturday Farmers Market

The Grand Lake Farmers Market is the best in town! Fresh Produces, local venders and people, all of this with great quality and a friendly atmosphere! you can't miss it.

Sunday Farmers Market
If you want to shop for fresh produces while listening to live music you will enjoy the Jack London Square Farmers Market. Even if you don't need anything it is a fun place to visit sunday morning as you can discover the square at the same time.

Remember, all those farmers markets are cash only.