Shik do Rak is located in Korea Town.  The workers might not speak very good English, if you speak Korean that is a PLUS.  Since you cook your own meal, it is quite an experience.  An example meal is Combo# 2, which comes with the following:

1. TWO TYPES OF MEAT (1) thin Angus steak (2) rib meat. You can ask the server to substitute the rib meat for the thin steak, if desired.

2. Oil with Salt & Pepper and Chili - After you cook your meat you dip your meat into these. BEWARE: the chili is SPICY!!!

3. About 7 sides such as lettuce, radish, bean sprouts, Kim chi (traditional Korean pickled cabbage (SPICY) with oyster

4. Duk bo Sam, which is white rice that is pressed to form sheets and Radish slices - You can use either of these to wrap your meat with veggies and sides.

5. Soup, made with beef, tofu and soy. Very spicy!

It might be intimidating if you are not familiar with the Korean culture, but keep an open mind. Chances are, you will like the new experience.  The food is eaten with chop sticks so that might be a challenge but it is a lot of fun trying something new. The combo described above is about $40.