Visitors interested in spending time in Long Beach should be aware of same basic safety precautions to be taken in the area.  However, for the most part, Long Beach is a safe travel destination and visitors should not be excessively concerned about their safety when traveling to the area.

Crime has been an issue on and off in the Long Beach area.  During the 1990’s, Long Beach was home to a rash of gang violence which drew negative media attention to the area.  Since then, police have cracked down and violent crime is less common than before.  Visitors should know that attacks on tourists are rare, as most of the crime which does occur is between rival gangs in the area and does not affect those outside of the gang life.  Normal precautions about walking alone at night and being alert as to one’s surroundings should protect visitors from any problems with crime during their stay.

Of more concern for travelers is the California sun.  The sun can be harsh on visitors who are not used to spending a lot of time outdoors and who spend their vacation on the beach.  It is important for visitors to wear sunscreen at all times.  Visitors should also wear a hat to shade their face from the sun.  All travelers to the area should remember to drink a lot of water, as it is easy to become dehydrated in Long Beach.  This is especially true for visitors who consume alcohol during their stay.  More information on sun safety is available at .