One of the negative things which Long Beach has been known for is the prevalence of gang activity in the area.  Visitors should know that gang violence rarely affects tourists in any way and has actually been decreasing overall in the last ten years.  However, visitors should also know that Long Beach is a place where life can be very different from neighborhood to neighborhood, with certain neighborhoods being claimed by gangs and others being safe for everyone.

There are several different neighborhoods which are of interest to many Long Beach visitors.  Travelers without knowledge of the area should try to remain in these neighborhoods.  The most popular neighborhoods are:

  • Belmont Shore and Naples are the places where tourists go to drive through winding roads and see beautiful residential mansions reflecting the Southern California home architecture.
  • Broadway Corridor – Visitors interested in experiencing the gay and lesbian life in Long Beach should head to this area which is located between the Belmont Shore and Downtown Long Beach.
  • California Heights is a beautiful residential neighborhood where visitors can get a feel for the luxury life of Long Beach locals.
  • Downtown – Most Long Beach visitors will spend a significant amount of time in this area.  This is where Long Beach public transportation is centered.  More information on public transportation is at .
  • East Village – This subsection of downtown is known for the dining and nightlife options available to tourists.
  • Fourth Street Corridor – Also located downtown, this section of streets is the place for Long Beach visitors who enjoy thrift shopping.