If your interested in gambling, there are a couple of different options located in and around Fresno.

Club One Casino is located in Downtown Fresno, where they host poker tournaments & off- track horse betting. There is also a restaurant inside and its located nextdoor to Holiday Inn Downtown Fresno

Table Mountain Casino  is just a 30 minute drive from Downtown Fresno up Friant Rd. on the route to Sierra Summitt, Shaver & Huntington Lakes, Table Mtn is a great place to eat, play slots & Blackjack at the tables. Smoking is allowed in Indian Gaming Casinos. No alcohol is served. 

Mono Wind Casino is a much smaller casino, just off Tollhouse Rd. on the way to Shaver & Huntington Lakes. They have Bingo Slots & Blackjack tables.

Chuckchanse Gold Resort & Casino is a 45 min drive up Freeway 41 from Dowtown Fresno, on the way to Yosemite N.P. Features world class entertainment & dining. There are several restraunts to choose from and alcohol is served as well. The area subject to heavy traffic on the 2 lane, 41 freeway & fog in the winter, so drive carefully.