There is a beautiful park in Beverly Hills called Greystone Mansion.  It is located at the corner of Doheny and Loma Vista in Beverly Hills 90210.  Greystone Mansion was once the home of the Doheny family- one of the original founding families of Beverly Hills.  The mansion is somewhere around 40,000 square feet and has beautiful gardens and a view of the city that can't be beat.  The house itself is not open to the public, except on rare ocassions.  But it's easy to peek through the windows and catch a glimpse of the beautiful interiors.  The park closes at 5PM nightly, except during the summer, when it closes at 6 pm.  Admission to the park is free and there is lots of parking on site.

Greystone has a checkered past.  One of Mr. Doheny's married sons was murdered in one of the downstairs bedrooms by a male employee of his who was actually his lover who then killed himself. The rumor is though, that the younger Doheny and his gay lover were caught in the act by his wife and she is actually the one who  killed them both.  With a family as powerful as the Doheny's were and the unlimited money they had for a cover-up, the truth might never be known. One thing that locals know is that Greystone is haunted.  There have been sightings of many different ghosts and the creepy stories are quite famous. Stories of mysterious clouds of perfume, strange noises,  lost objects original to the house being discovered in plain sight,  pools of blood that disappear, and many more.

There is no photography allowed in the park.  Still, it is a wonderful  serene place to stroll around for an hour or so and the closest a non-resident can get to seeing what it would be like to live in one of the mansions of Beverly Hills.