The Old Trams of Soller

Soller to Port de Soller on the Vintage Tram 

The Old Trams run from the Train Station in Soller down to the Harbour every 30 minutes or so.  Timed to coincide with the Lemon Express from Palma, extra trams run if they are needed.  It costs just 4 Euros per person one way and takes around 20 minutes.

There are a couple of stops in the Port, but most people stay on until the terminus which takes you to the main harbour.


Tapas and People Watching in Soller Square 

Saturday morning is market day and the tiny sqaure in Soller is full of families, friends and tourists all enjoying a cool drink after a bit of retail therapy.  The noise of chatting Spaniards is devine.  There are several small cafes offering a wide range of Tapas at good prices.

A walk around the church is also a must.

Boat Trip from Port de Soller

During the summer there are a number of daily boat trips from Port de Soller to Collobra.  The boat trip takes around one hour and costs 5 Euros per person each way (although always worth asking for any deals).

After passing magnificent scenery you arrive in a small bay, but don't expect a quiet day on the beach!!  This destination is popular with many of the tour operators and coaches arrive every half an hour or so with yet more visitors.  The road trip down to the bay takes you through the breathtaking "Snake Road".

There are plenty of bars and restuarants and even a hotel, although once the crowds of the day have gone it is a very different place.

If you would prefer a more personal and private day out on the water catch Chris on Mezzo Magic, a smaller private yacht available for daily or half day charters.

Festivals in Soller and Port Soller

The two main festivals are a 2-3 day re-inactment of a Moorish invasion held this year May 10-12th. It starts in the Port and goes all the way to Deia and back to Soller Town, where even The local Banks are 'Robbed' of fake money. The whole villages get involved. Watch the local boats dressed up for 'battle'.

The International Folklore Festival of Sóller “Sa Mostra”, organised by the “Aires Sollerics”, has been annually uniting folklore groups from all over the world since 1980. The festival lasts for a week (14-19 July, 2008), and while the main events are the public performances of the groups involved, the are also many sessions of cultural interchange between groups, and with the public. Groups have come from as far afield as China , Africa, America and the Far East to take part in this popular and internationally renowned event.

The other main festival is in the Village square in Soller at the end of August, known locally as Festival of Sant Bartomeu - Demonios Night.  It is a firework frenzy going on most of the night. The local people are taunted with fireworks at close quarters. Wear old cloths as they WILL get scorched. The locals cover themselves and dampen clothes to lessen the effect. A truly wild event with very strong religious undertones.