Things to do in Kobarid .

This area is heaven for walkers from all levels,walk along Soca napolian bridge, Lolminska gorge, Kozkak water fall, to good hikers there is Krn mountain visiable from centre of town a 4 hour walk up, and in the 1 st world war this was the front  an estimated 100,000 people have died up there in the war. Also in Kobarid is the Museum of the War which has a film showing in all languages also from them they will give you guided tour of all the fronts in the war. There is also the front line near village Livek  which is a good walk (Outdoor Museum of the WWI). Soca is a must for kayaking, rafting, canyoning, all book able in Kobarid with X point, Positive Sport and A2 rafting.

Then there is the river Nadiza witch is in the Breginski kot area on the mountain Stol. Good area for mountain biking to walking paragliding as the world championship was held there in september 06. Nadiza river is very popular for locals to swim sun bathe (some parts of the river is used by naturist  so be were ), but dont let this put you of as its warmer than the Soca for swimming. This area is totaly unspoilt great views of
Stol, and you are wright next to italian border, if you walk from village Podbela along the river you will go through the border a good walk 4 hours just beautiful this river is so clean you can drink the water. On theNadiza there is also another bridge built by Napolian.