McLeod Ganj is the upper part of Dharamsala.  For more information, click here

In McLeod Ganj, you are amidst the towering beauty of the Dhauladhars, the spectacular mountain range one sees from one corner of McLeod Ganj to the other. What one enjoys the most about this tiny quaint place is the multiple types of food you can get and all within a 200 to 250mt radius.

To start with the Tibetan delights....things to try are the momos, thupa and the fried noodles, all delicious and easy to digest. A small little eatery called Norling, opposite the carpet weaving centre, is good for Tibetan food, a little tight for space but the momos are good.  Hotel Tibet has it all, on the Bhagsu road it has wonderful Tibetan and Chinese food and a good bar and the surroundings are pleasant.

Another good, in fact excellent place for western kind of food is The Chocolate Log down Jogiwara road, past the post office. This place is an old favourite among the western tourists; it's about 18 yrs old and it has only got better with the years. One can sample a variety of cakes - the walnut and date being the best - and an assortment of pies and puddings. It also has another extension called Wine Oaks, a beautifully done wine shop, something you won't expect and out of the ordinary in McLeod Ganj. The wines are excellent especially the ginger and the red grape wine.

If one carries on down Jogiwara road you will find Japanese and Korean food, and here the tempura is very good. If you want to enjoy good Indian and Chinese food stop at Hotel Dhauladhar in Dharamsala town. The view is gorgeous and they have a sit out with a breathtaking view of Pong Dam. In McLeod Ganj you can go from street food to fancy hotels but one thing is for sure: the charm and magic of this small town tucked away in the Himalayas is something one must experience at least once and if possible a lot more times in their lifetime.